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Media Design

For 8 years WebMktgSolutions have been developing professional websites. We develop dynamic, cost effective, and easy to use websites for companies around the globe. Our Niche is in helping small businesses establish or improve their image and web presence, but whether your company is large or small, we have the time, expertise, and creativity to be an integral part of your web marketing solution.

What you can expect with every website design project:

  • Great, fast loading, modern design
  • Private, in progress viewing during design and development
  • Content management system to easily edit your website
  • Basic search engine optimization to help you rank better
  • Professional stock photography as needed during design, to help establish site theme
  • Site map to help visitors find what they are looking for
  • User friendly/Search engine friendly navigation menu
  • Email/information request forms to allow visitor feedback and inquiries
  • Upload to your website host when going live
  • Free minor changes for two weeks following launch of new site
  • Ongoing support for questions and issues

Are you tired of your mundane, website? Wondering why you are not getting the conversions onr page views? Let us make it simple for you: any modern business knows it needs a web presence but it must accurately reflect your company; its mission, competitive advantages and purpose. Intelligent, dynamic and progressive design lies at the heart of a compelling website. Investing in high-quality, design which brings this together is essential. Your company’s website has the power to shape the way your customers view and think about your business. It is a platform from which to project your brand and your vision and your employees.

You need to know your industry inside and out in order to honestly say that you can offer the best. We bring the same passion to every new project that we undertake.

Each of the websites that we have created throughout the years has both your client and their customer in mind.  Creative a highly intuitive user experience is the key ingredient to a websites success.  Part of our design process is both usability testing and competitor reviews.  What are users doing when they get to your site and what within the site causes them to either buy or move to the competition?


  • Consultation, wishes and requirements
  • Competitive review
  • Definition of internet/marketing strategy
  • Definition of navigation structure


  • Creation/Realization
  • Development of concept
  • Programming of navigation/design
  • Consultation, feedback and adjustments

Client Review

  • Implementation of Final Design
  • Final adjustments/testing
  • Website moves from staging to live

Management, Maintenance & Service

  • Updating and further extensions of the website
  • SEO optimization weekly
  • Tracking of visitors paths
  • Conversion analysis