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Web Traffic & Affiliate Reporting Software

A  t WebMktgSolutions part of our goal it so assist our clients in maximizing their advertising dollars and optimizing each and every campaign. That is why we are one of the very few companies who have developed its own web analytics software. Imagine the power of accessing at any place in the world and at any time of day your real-time statistics. We take Google Analytics one step further by providing you the ability to set up your own campaigns, set the creative to be used and assign your own tracking URL to your advertisers.

This allows you to track ALL of your traffic, pay per click, organic, affiliate etc. You will be able to make concrete decisions on your online advertising dollars. Since many of our clients operate in a multi-channel environment we have created a platform allowing clients to analyze each type of channel and get as granular as they wish. Instant information on what traffic is the most valuable in terms of higher profit margins, lowest cost allowing you to refocus your efforts and advertising dollars. Create media libraries of banners, text ads and create customized campaigns based on CPA, CPC or CPM. Payouts are based on whatever action you determine a sale, downloading of a white paper or submission of an inquiry. One other feature which is unique is the software’s ability to perform multi-variate testing so if you want to test three or four different banners you can choose to allocate the percent that each banner is displayed you can also test different landing page to test conversions.

Drive affiliates to your affiliate page, have them sign up and instantly you get an e-mail notifying you that an affiliate is awaiting your approval.  Log into your account review the affiliate information and change their status to live and create their first campaign.  It is that easy!